Hestevard Biofix-40 3kg (Signature Range)



Complementary feeding stuff in mini pellet form. For feeding with complementary forages. For feeding to Horses & Ponies only.




A nutritious min- pellet containing Biotin, Zinc, Vitamins & Trace Elements to promote healthy hooves.

This highly concentrated formula with a daily feed rate of 100g, contains 40mg of Biotin – essential for Keratin production and the maintenance of overall hoof condition and proven to assist with the hardening of the hoof horn.


This mini-pellet contains a wide range of vitamins including Collagen Matrix to provide support to tendons, muscles and cartilage.

The hoof integrity and the elasticity of connective tissue is also supported by teh addition of Copper, Manganese and Vitamin C.



Suitable for use in horses of all ages and provides a high quality blend of nutrition plus a very high feed rate of Biotin.

Can be used long term and as a maintenance supplement for healthy hooves.

Competition safe (UK).