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All of our soap sponges are handmade by a soap company in Manchester using the highest quality glycerine soap of which are gentle to the skin.

The horse soap sponges are a large yellow sponge which is soft on one side and the other slightly exfoliating (tougher), the sponges are filled with a large amount of 100% pure soap ingredients which is SLS free and 100% pure citronella oil. They are vegetable derived and have excellent foaming and moisturising properties which leaves the coat clean and soft enhancing their natural shine.

The aim of the sponges are to clean your horse and leave the citronella scent to act as a fly repellent and prevent fly bites. The citronella products can also be used for human use, to prevent horse fly bites, it is to be used in the exact same way.

We are proud to say the soap sponge are vegan friendly & cruelty free product!